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Only indirectly here on LJ, but earlier tonight, I REALLY CALLED IT (before watching tonight's ep, that is) while waiting for the ep to load and watching last week's again, I SAID TO MY FRIEND: THE BLACK HOLE, they're referencing Disney's The Black Hole in the design of the colony, and the scene w/ Kara in the room with Sammy The Hybrid right before she tries to shoot him DIRECTLY REFERENCES a scene at the end of said film. There's more to come with that, I said. ! AND I WAS RIGHT. huh!

Funny thing is, I couldn't decide at the time whether Starbuck or Boomer took the role of the monster. I thought to myself, HELL IS NOW YELLOW.

I feel I have more to say about the Disney film (painfully chock full of reification and utopia). And as we have seen tonight, it will have more bearing still on our dear little show. Singularity, bitches! Finitude, perhaps the most remarkable popular image of finitude in post-classical Newtonian physics. In fact terribly frightening to Newtonian physics. It has an absoluteness to it that, as far as I understand teh science (apparently not much, statistically speaking), is dreamt of as nightmare: a gravitational force that trumps all the established orbits, all the mechanical snicking into place of geometers and their computers (women, mostly).

Flammarion had a hard time with Einstein, it seems: "A space with a shape, curved! Mr. Einstein, you know that space-time, the fourth dimension, is already in the Encyclopédie de Diderot et D’Alembert. But it has not a shape! "

Anyway. Two quotes, and I really am off to bed:

REINHARDT: Nothing much ever changes, same news, different names. [To MR. BOOTH:] You still write for the same paper? Still on strike?

REINHARDT: The risk is incidental compared with the possiblitly to possess the great truth of the unknown. There, long cherished laws of nature simply do not apply. They vanish.
ALEX: And life?
REINHARDT Life? Life forever.

Second Empire, right?
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