Jan. 30th, 2009 10:16 pm
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I completely forgot that tonight was an Avonex night. In fact I forgot about everything for the duration of the fucking show.

They said it was going to be getting darker and darker as the last half of the last season progressed. It has the pace of an avalanche. And you're right under it, on a nice big flat piece of wood. You can possibly ride it.

Characterologically, the complications are ramifying: everybody's got some kind of analogue somewhere, and they're all pairing off, and sometimes pairing off retroactively. TYROL/CAVIL, TYROL/BALTAR, BALTAR/ROSLIN, GAETA/ZAREK, NEWSTARBUCK/OLDSTARBUCK, etc.

It has the feel of tiles snicking into place, and for every wrenching fangirl moment (sob! please let them not be dead), there also seems to be some factor, some focusing agent, such that the narrative is shown to be fractal. Some kind of temporal isomorphism: pulling out from the moment to the era to the age to ftw.

*goes off to administer injection, and watch the ep again*
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