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Never been a Sherlockian, never even suspected that it might have been the original fandom. 1887, y'all! Also didn't know that A Study in Scarlet had anything whatever to do with Mormons, til I read the wiki (teach the controversy, people!). Which, along with a browse through The Sign of Three last night, enabled me to ace this quiz. Uh, woot!

I could totally derail myself from any activities away from this computer by following the whole Mormon thing as it relates to Gatiss and Moffat's adaptation, A Study in Pink: instead of the Mormons you get Moriarty, and what a different set of historical metacommentaries this produces. People who object to ACD's portrayal of the Mormons as a criminal network of assassins and thugs haven't read their history books. Dominionist Christians are all around you, folks! And they are scary! I find the plot point of Ferrier's persecution by what must be read as the Danites (they surreptitiously paint the number of days Ferrier has left to marry off Lucy somewhere on his farm) especially and effectively creepy. *bows sweepingly to ACD's memory* [Why the Danite guys ended up back in London is a question that's going to force me to actually read the book to answer.] The Gatiss/Moffat adaptation loses just a little in changing the taxi driver's backstory - somehow Moriarty is not quite commonplace enough to be terrifying ("Depend upon it, there is nothing so unnatural as the commonplace," says Holmes in "A Case of Identity").

Anyway, Phil Davis as the taxi driver Jeff Hope is marvelous. The cabbie's Xanatos Gambit seems fresh, though I'm sure it's been done a bazillion times before. Perhaps because I am not a game enthusiast or player or know anything substantive about game theory, I can only marvel at the two men facing off: bluff, double-bluff, triple-bluff! "You're not playing chance, you're playing me!" In the moment of watching, I'm as gobsmacked as ACD's Watson. Like woah.


The use of anonymity as threat produces perhaps less of a frisson, though, and perhaps more distrust of the author's ideological motives, in the 21st century - we all know it so well, after more than a decade of terror alerts. In that way, I'm kind of disappointed in G/M: did you not see The Last Enemy?

Ah well. Cumberbatch is such a delight to watch. I cannot WAIT for TPTB to release a DVD of both nights of Danny Boyle's production of Frankenstein. *prays a little bit*
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