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"Please tell me we can tell the difference between wool and sidearms."

Narnia go Bragh

Hooray for the DW Christmas Special, which, to my great pleasure, only briefly and incidentally involves an alien attack on Planet Earth )
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YAH SORRY I'm going to talk about Deep Space Nine. )
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YAH SORRY I'm going to talk about Caprica )
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are on a play date. I knew this was going to be fun.

just wasn't sure how. )


Here's how it went in my head:

where do I know that actor from
he's kinda hot
srsly where ftw
wait starbuck's dad
*vague shame*

And of course the question is: is Tory a cylon or not? ha-biddybiddy-ha. It's going to be fun because the temperature is set to FLORID.... The warehouse was at 4400 Blah de blah Street, people. Oh and let's not forget Inara's little eyelid flutter at the very end there.
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