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2011-12-26 12:29 pm
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Stella Maris: YAH SORRY I'm going to talk about Doctor Who

"Please tell me we can tell the difference between wool and sidearms."

Narnia go Bragh

Hooray for the DW Christmas Special, which, to my great pleasure, only briefly and incidentally involves an alien attack on Planet Earth )
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2011-11-26 12:56 am
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2011-09-04 07:29 pm
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ODI PROFANUM CHAVUS ET ARCEO*: YAH SORRY I’m going to talk about Misfits

A friend of mine recently returned from summer vacation and brought back with him a mighty, mighty recommendation: watch Misfits, and now. As some of you may know, my Anglophilia knows only the slightest of bounds – Misfits turns out to have been one of them. Or rather, I don't know why I never got around to watching it, after it having been recced to me more than once (waggish? Was that you?), since it's basically designed for my adoration.

  • Fantastic sci-fi premise adroitly plotted and executed? Check.

  • Insightful and well-considered characterizations of its heroes? Check.

  • Freakishly talented actors? Check.

  • Cracking soundtrack? Check.

  • Perfect balance of genre-jamming and fanservice? Check.

  • Urgently needed and timely social commentary? Fucking Check.

Five ASBO kids start their community service on the day a super-power-dispensing storm passes directly over their estate. Way too many people are affected (that is, given characterologically consistent superpowers), including their Probation Worker, whose basic contempt for the kids with whom he works turns homicidal (HULK SMASH CHAVS!).

And thus it begins: cultural stereotypes are literalized and we are all enjoined to sit back, grab some popcorn, and marvel at it. Cos it really is marvelous.

And it hasn't been cancelled! New series on the way this fall!

Warning: this show is so very entertaining you really won’t want to be spoiled. Go watch the first episode (or even the whole frigging two seasons) and come back.I'll wait. )
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2010-11-19 07:33 pm
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2010-10-20 09:09 pm
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2009-12-25 02:08 pm
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2009-11-10 08:13 pm
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All my fandoms

are on a play date. I knew this was going to be fun.

just wasn't sure how. )


Here's how it went in my head:

where do I know that actor from
he's kinda hot
srsly where ftw
wait starbuck's dad
*vague shame*

And of course the question is: is Tory a cylon or not? ha-biddybiddy-ha. It's going to be fun because the temperature is set to FLORID.... The warehouse was at 4400 Blah de blah Street, people. Oh and let's not forget Inara's little eyelid flutter at the very end there.
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2009-03-21 07:43 pm
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Where have you taken us, Kara?

D and I had a great time last night watching the finale. Chocolate pudding and full-on fangirl squeeing. So very satisfying. Turns out I may have been pronouncing reification incorrectly, though (RAY ification). I’m sure I have much more to say, but this’ll do for now.

“Autant d'astres, autant d'humanités étranges.” Victor Hugo, Abîmes

“Men of the nineteenth century, the hour of our apparitions is fixed forever, and always brings us back the very same ones, or at most with a prospect of felicitous variants. There is nothing here that will much gratify the yearning for improvement.” August Blanqui, Eternity Via the Stars

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2009-03-14 01:05 am
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Only indirectly here on LJ, but earlier tonight, I REALLY CALLED IT (before watching tonight's ep, that is) while waiting for the ep to load and watching last week's again, I SAID TO MY FRIEND: THE BLACK HOLE, they're referencing Disney's The Black Hole in the design of the colony, and the scene w/ Kara in the room with Sammy The Hybrid right before she tries to shoot him DIRECTLY REFERENCES a scene at the end of said film. There's more to come with that, I said. ! AND I WAS RIGHT. huh! YAH SORRY )